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Things to Consider When Building an Aviary

An aviary is a shed or cage like construction designed as a living space for wild or domesticated fowl. Given that birds are used to flying free in their natural habitat it is important to recreate as best we can this kind of environment in order to keep them comfortable and healthy. It simply will not do to cut corners and make do with a mere shed looking building with a mesh wire front. Keeping any kind of pet involves responsibility and sensitivity and the most important […]

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Tips for Building an Aviary

Once you have decided on what kind of birds you wish to keep or breed the next thing is to decide on is a flight cage or aviary. Building an aviary requires a certain amount of planning in order to provide a healthy environment for your pets, so it is worthwhile to spend some time doing a bit of research in order to find the right plans for what you need. Where you are going to place the aviary is another important factor to consider. Are you […]

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